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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Acetaldehyde toxic build up as the real cause of migraines

Hi everyone,

So sorry it has taken me forever to post.  As I haven't had a migraine in over 6 months, I have gone hammer and tongs at getting my life back on track.

In case you don't have time to read back over lots of posts on this blog, may I just remind everyone that I cured my migraines by cleansing Candida Albicans from my gastro intestinal tract.  I realised the connection quite by accident!

High stress had been the cause of my infestation with that enteric pathogen and its awful waste product called Acetaldehyde had been the culprit behind my horrendous migraines.

My advice to everyone is DONT SUFFER IN SILENCE!  Cleanse your body of Candida and get your life back!

I really mean that.  Its not difficult to do and once you have most of it out, you will not get another attack as bad.  So in other words, if you feel the same symptoms coming on, then quickly do a mini-cleanse.

My cleansing involved:

Sodium Bicarbonate (kills it dead!)
Methylene Blue (also kills it dead but interestingly it crosses the blood-brain barrier and the blood-bone barrier, so if you fear yours has become systemic, then go for this option too)
Sea salt water
Soluble Fiber.

That list isn't too long, is it!

Also don't be frightened that you will have masses of diarrhoea either, because that doesn't happen. 

Your congested bowel will empty out, but that's a good thing and as long as you're not planning any long distance running, I would remain relaxed about that aspect too.  

Acetaldehyde is a truly awful brain toxin and it causes incredibly debilitating symptoms, like vomiting, migraine etc etc.  Its a brain toxin for crying out loud, so what more can I add to that?

Its a great shame so many people are suffering needlessly.   The cure is simple, costs very little and is long lasting.  

I have undertaken so much work since I got my life back, house renovations, garden renovations, holidays, social engagements, researching other medical issues for other people etc etc.  

Its very sad indeed that Big Pharma's solution for migraine is to numb your head with incredibly powerful pain killers and inject your face with the soil toxin, Botox.  

There are people who are even going on to have strokes as a result of really bad migraines, all unabated because of the ignorance surrounding Candida.

Candida in England is thought of as primarily a sexually transmitted disease.  Hardly anyone has heard of it in the context of your small intestines, and so it follows that people are just getting sicker and sicker due to all this ignorance.

Candida is one of the main detritivors that will rot your body after you're dead.  While you're alive, its trying every day of your life to get in all the holes of your body, including the skin. 

It tries to get in your skin via Psoriasis and fungal toe nails etc.  

Because Psoriasis is also Candida, I have been treating my husband's Psoriasis plaques with Candida-killing-potions e.g. Sodium Bicarbonate, lemon juice and coconut oil and here are some before and after photos of my progress...  

Above you can see the fungus is actively feeding away and creating those disgusting crusts.

Here you can see the cure is starting to work and the inflamed area is spreading outwards and becoming less red in the centre as a consequence.  The stubborn island of thick crusty tissue is breaking up!  I should also point out that while I took this photo, he was undergoing a Niacin flush, hence the surrounding areas of red skin.  

Here you can see that the blood supply to the fungus has been virtually terminated and the skin appears flatter and more normal in colour.  His entire skin is also much healthier generally.  I put this down to alkalising his body and increasing his intake of Biotin.  

Here you can see the skin is now all one colour, just about,  and the new layers of skin are building up across the whole area, almost like a skin graft.  The affected area has also shrunk significantly and no longer has a brown ring surrounding it.  My last peek at this patch of skin revealed no further need for lubricants of any kind and pale uniform skin again.  The only thing still missing, are the tiny hairs that were originally hijacked by the fungus.  

In the photo above you can see this patch on his leg is bald, and you can clearly see the blood supply to each strain of fungus is very apparent.  My theory is that Candida gets into your skin via the hair follicle and then borrows deeper, to hijack the nutrients supplying that hair follicle, especially keratin, which it transforms for its own purposes, by creating these protective crusts that cover up what is really going on.  And what's going on is, that Candida is burrowing deep in your skin and sucking your blood!

Acidosis, or acidic blood plasma is what it will feast on and enable it to really take hold.  

Will keep you posted.

Thank you God for helping me to find the cause of my migraines, and then taking all that pain away!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Migraines Caused by Candida Intestinal Overgrowth 

Hi all

It has taken me ages to get back on here.  I cannot even remember when I was on here last.  Firstly, our poor dog died last November (GRHS).  He was very ill in the end, as you probably guessed.  We had so much worry and pain during that time, that I didn't realise I was becoming ill.

In fact, several things happened in quick succession that were very difficult to deal with, and then at the end of it we lost our furry muffin.

As the year progressed I was horrified to see my migraines return with a vengeance and in fact, started to get a whole lot worse.

By January of this year, I was having them about twice a month and I was ill for a week each time.  Then I noticed that they were actually affecting my vision, in that I had shutter-vision for about 4 days or so.  

By February they had progressed to4 migraines in one horrendous month and I honestly thought I was going to die!
I was so scared at the amount of pain I had to endure, I actually wrote my will and at the same time decided I would see a neurologist.  

I had to spend 5 days in the dark with each one.  After the worst one, I honestly thought the next one would kill me.  One vessel in my head was throbbing and so badly inflamed I could feel it path across the back of my skull.  

My husband wanted me to go to hospital but I was so distressed I couldn't be moved.  

My complexion was grey and I could hardly walk.  Any tiny light was agony.  My husband was very concerned in that last month, and his life came also came to a stop.  

I wrote several letters to family members in case I did die, because something was telling me I couldn't really withstand much more of this.  

I should mention I have a high pain threshold, so please don't think I'm some kind of drama-queen.  For instance, last year I had three raging abscesses on  my largest upper molar and I managed to take paracetamol only once! 

I set my goals very low at this time.  I decided I had to get well enough from my headaches, to at least be able to wait in a room to be seen by a migraine specialist.  

So I went back to my health books and remembered a good passage in a book about specific supplements that might help with migraine, where they discussed acidity in the blood and a general lack of oxygen.

It was at this point that I decided that if I had a problem with acidity and low oxygen, I should take Sodium Bicarbonate, daily, as a health drink, as it deals with both very conveniently.

I also started taking Niacin 100mg per day, to help clear out any blocked vessel in my head?

As soon as I took the Bicarb, I noticed a strange feeling quite high in my tummy region, maybe my oesophagus, it felt tingly or something? maybe fizzy? but made nothing more of it...

I also noticed an improvement in a general fuzziness in my head.  I now know that was increased oxygen.  Oxygen is very beneficial to migraine and opening a window during a migraine is also a very good thing to do.  Well, here I was, helping my blood to become less acidic and infusing my whole body with delicious oxygen.    

By the 3 third day of Bicarb I started to experience very different symptoms.  I found I needed to visit the bathroom 3/4 times a day to eliminate vast quantities of waste material.  When I say vast, I mean VAST!

When I realised that I was excreting FAR more material than I was ingesting, I realised something serious was being ejected from my body?

I had no stomach pain or feeling of diarrhoea.  There was no nausea or cramps.  Just the need to go!

I realised in short time that my body was in fact excreting vast amounts of dead Candida fungus.  Sodium Bicarbonate kills Candida dead, crucially before the fungus has had time to develop immunity to the substance.  

My head continued to feel better and better, and I stepped up the Bicarb by adopting the proper Candida protocol that I found out about on curezone.  

Once I did this however, I started to feel quite ill all over.  I had a general feeling of being very ill and developed jaundice.

That's when I read that its not enough to stop consuming sugar and take Bicarb 3 times a day, for 3 weeks.  You also have to help your liver eliminate the dead Candida from that organ, or else it just accumulates there and lies dormant for when conditions are right again.  So I started taking Biotin, Boron and Milk Thistle.

Once I took the Milk Thistle, the jaundice cleared up and I finally felt ONE HECK OF A LOT BETTER!

My tummy was now so incredibly flat, like it hadn't been in years.  I felt a lot of congestion around my ribs and hands just melt away too.  Candida was messing with the fluid in my joints, that's for sure.  Because, most importantly the  severe joint pain I had had for months in my hip, knees and elbow ceased.  Oh, and of course the next migraine that was expected, never happened.

I still had a feeling of weakness, especially in the morning.  So I read that I needed to take 500mg of Pantothenic Acid to help support my adrenal glands as my health improved.  Especially as my left adrenal was giving me pain.  

When you look into what Candida does to your body, as it grows and grows, very quickly you find out it will rob your adrenals of vital nutrients, which means you get more and more fatigued.  As it also influences appetite (a lot of pathogens have this effect on their host) and you end up craving sugar.  

However, leading up to this crisis, I didn't crave sugar and I didn't have any UTIs, so I thought I didn't have Candida?

How wrong I was! Turns out that what was happening was this:  you get tons of stress, this raises blood sugar, then Candida that you already have in your intestines, starts to feed on it.  So the more stress you have, it means the more Candida feeds on the raised sugar levels in your blood.  So much so that it causes Dysbiosis.  This is when your good gut bacteria get kicked out by Candida and you get all the classic symptoms of IBS like problems, depression, hair falling out, insomnia, gallstones, kidney stones, migraines etc etc.  

Candida also affects Thyroid detrimentally and you end up with hypothyroid symptoms.  Considering the doctors convinced me to take thyroid hormone for a year and a half, it makes me wonder if my Candida started then?  Because I definitely had migraines then too.

Candida also does bad stuff to your pancreas.  Not too sure how this works fully yet, but put simply, it 'rewards' you when you feed it what it loves e.g. sugar, alcohol or carbohydrates.  This causes sugar spikes, as we all know.    

From my own experience, feeling weaker and weaker would naturally make me want to snack on stuff and this is how CANDIDA WINS!  But still I didn't make the connection.

It robs you of B5 and B12.  B5 helps you to concentrate for prolonged periods, and this was the thing that I just could not manage to do anymore.  In fact, a spell of concentration would bring on a headache, if not, then definitely some serious back of the neck pain.  

Then there is the insomnia.  I had terrible insomnia leading up to my discovery that I had Candidiasis.  I was taking supplements to support my adrenals, thinking I had adrenal fatigue again, but still I couldn't sleep? 


And of course, if you cannot sleep, a lot of people go downstairs and start to eat something.  This is where Candida again influences appetite, because IT wants to eat in the middle of the night, that's why it wakes YOU up to go downstairs and get IT some food!  

The other thing Candida will do is make you think of alcohol.  You may not want to drink, because you know its bad, but Candida makes alcohol play on your mind.  Because IT wants the alcohol.  It wants the acid and it wants the sugar.

Now this is the other thing Candida was doing to me, that it is not doing any more: it was impairing my eyesight!  From what I've gathered so far, the way it does this is that it robs you of a vital amino acid called Taurine.  

Taurine is required by heart muscle, to make bile salts and for clear eyesight.  Once Taurine levels drop, you feel weak, you end up with gallstones (had those last year too!) and makes your vision incredibly blurry.

My vision was so bad, it was like there was smoke in the room or some kind of mist?

Now it just so happens that they have discovered that migraine sufferers ALSO happen to be people who are found to be VERY low on Taurine??  (Duh!) 

So I took Taurine and noticed my eyesight improve after 4 days, and now after taking it for about 2 months, my eyesight is normal again.  You have no idea how relieved I am about that.

Remember, a lot of migraines start in the eyes, could this be linked to the Taurine deficiency too?

The protocol I followed to get rid of Candida is by Dr Shaw and I found it on curezone.

I really love curezone and have found tons of valuable information on there.  

So, my joint pain has stopped.
My vision is normal again.
My bowel congestion is no more.
My appetite is normal and my weight is stable (10stone)
My hair, nails and skin are much improved (due to Biotin)
My adrenal fatigue is no more (still taking B5 and Milk Thistle though, as I have suffered quite a bit)
My hot flashes have stopped (so much so that I don't know why I still apply progesterone cream?)
My sleep is blissfully uninterrupted again (Thank Heavens and all the little angels!)
My kidney stones are no more (fungi produce oxalate as a means of survival - and most stones are made of this)
My gallstones are no more (thanks to Taurine and having Candida under control)
Oh, and of course, my migraines are no more (I have a slight generalised headache (not a migraine) for about 2 hours, around that time of the month, THAT'S ALL! and it does not stop me working, thinking or driving.)

So my message to anymore reading this is, don't resign yourself to a lifetime of terrible migraines and do yourself a favour by cleansing Candida out of your body.  Even if it is not the main cause behind your migraine, chances are it is making them a LOT WORSE!

Comments most welcome.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Feeling Very Good and Proud of It

Hey people, long time no see!

I've said it before and I'll keep repeating it - I HAVE NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER OF TURNING INTO A HUMPTY DUMPTY - I don't care how many metabolic pathways are screwed-up because of menopause.

If its one thing I've learned on this journey into wrinklehood, its that our livers are under constant attack.

If you've lived in the West and eaten lots of processed foods, then your liver will be congested with tons of trans fats.  That fact alone sets the scene for some pretty catastrophic peri-menopause years.  On top of that, if alcohol crossed your lips and worse (much worse) than that, if you have regularly ingested paracetamol, then get ready for a bit of a liver crisis during menopause.  

First there is the high oestrogen status, which results in non-alcoholic fatty liver, so your liver increases (and increases) in size.  That is why most women turn into Humpty Dumpty, but are totally unaware of what all that oestrogen is doing to their livers.

As if that's not bad enough, methylation is suppressed by the hormone prolactin, which menopausal women are high in.  And guess what, reduced methylation also causes non-alcoholic fatty liver.  So the liver gets even larger...  

If that's not bad enough, low progesterone means inhibition of your Sphincter of Oddi, which means you produce less bile, which means you end up with gallstones clogging the liver, which also leads to fatty liver.

If you cannot make enough bile then you are inadvertently not getting all that you need out of your diet, this leads to poor absorption and ends up with all sorts of deficiencies, especially amino acids.  Remember, the liver is responsible for the manufacture of all 12 non-essential amino acids, that are synthesised from the other 8 that come to us via our food.  An under-performing, over-sized liver and struggling adrenals, combined with thyroid dysfunction (due to lack of iodine) makes for one hellava mess, wouldn't you agree?

Well, if that's not bad enough, you can also end up with very low levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), which happens to be destroyed by high oestrogen.

If that's not bad enough, menopausal women are classically low on Choline, which aids memory and also leads to fatty liver.

And so the list goes on...

So if your adrenals can keep up with pumping out 60% of your sex hormones, and your thyroid is still functioning reasonably well (which I doubt), considering it too is under stress of too much oestrogen.  At the very least what happens is that we get bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER waistlines, and eventually end up eating tiny morsels of food in an effort to reduce the ever-widening girth.

Does the image of a woman who is very hot, has an enormous waistline, thinning hair, poor nails, yellowing eyes, lacks concentration, has a swollen neck with enormous breasts and EATS NEXT TO NOTHING, remind you of anyone???

What a complete waste of time!

When I said I was determined not to turn into humpty dumpty, what I did after that was find out how on earth I could resuscitate my fatty liver into some kind of normality???

First thing I did was take sublingual METHYLCOBALAMIN, along with its co-factors B6 and B9.

After 3 weeks of taking those pills, I noticed my waistline reducing.  First I thought I was imagining things.  Then my clothes started to become loose.

To cut a long story short, I lost half a stone in weight in just 3 short weeks!  This was a result of taking proper B12 alone, as I was not dieting at the time.  This vital nutrient enabled my liver to let go of an enormous amount of fat that it was storing, presumably to cobble together some kind of B12 approximate?

Because up to then I had been taking the other form of B12, the wrong one, that's derived from cyanide!

After that, I knew I still had work to do on the liver and so started taking Apple Cider Vinegar with raw honey in a 1:1 ratio, because ACV is very good for the liver and it reduces cholesterol.  Naturally, my cholesterol reading is high, as you would expect after having a fatty liver for Goodness knows how long?

After that I started to take Choline.  Choline is required by the liver and is virtually a B vitamin.  Menopausal women are found to have only 2% of the dietary requirements for choline in their bodies.  Choline deficiency leads to kidney disease and wait for it.........fatty liver!

About 2 months of consuming all those liver-friendly substances, I decided to really push the boat out and did my first liver flush.  I've done 3 more since then.  They have all been fantastic at helping me to eliminate cholesterol bile- balls, called gallstones (I refer to them as mini 'pasta balls').

They honestly look like little (yellow) balls of pasta and I eliminated about 500 in total.  I felt so much better after that.  This procedure helps your liver to function better and enables you to digest your food better with the right amount of bile.  (Not everyone's gallstones are yellow, they can be green or red, depending on what you live on.)

The great thing was that after my first liver flush, I noticed my hot flashes stopped!  So you see, it doesn't matter what all those male doctors tell you, take it from me, hot flashes are heavily linked to liver congestion, as well as adrenal insufficiency.   

Also, after my first liver flush, I noticed I didn't need to take Progesterone Cream twice a day any more, and now continue to take it only once.

I don't have hot flashes anymore, but looking back, each time I did, it was because something else was wrong e.g. my adrenals were low or my liver was congested due to my gallbladder being full of 'pasta balls'.

Recently, I started taking Taurine too.  That's a very interesting amino acid, because apart from nourishing the retina of your eyeballs and being great for your heart (heart muscle contains more Taurine than any other amino acid), it helps you to make good quality bile salts.

Taurine is also destroyed in the liver by high oestrogen.

Do you see people, how high oestrogen status is synonymous with turning you into a humpty dumpty shape?

I also take Vitex Agnus Castus, which suppresses Prolactin and helps you to balance your hormones.

However, I don't intend to take Agnus Castus forever, because unfortunately it happens to raise Luteinising Hormone.  This is great if you're trying to conceive, but for older people, an increase in Luteinising Hormone is linked to Alzheimers Disease, which is obviously, pretty bad.

I currently have three aunts with Osteoporosis and so am very concerned to maintain my bone health.

For that purpose I occasionally take Ipriflavone and Strontium.  I take calcium once a day, 600mg, dissolved in lemon juice.  I'll speak more about bones another time.

If you'd like to know more about The Liver and Gallbladder Flush, I suggest you download this book:

Sunday, 5 January 2014

My migraines were due to a decrease in the neurotransmitter Norepinephrine!

Happy New Year everyone.  This is an interloper post due to a significant discovery.

I wanted to write all this in my health journal, but decided to get it down on here first, as it might help others and I would love to hear from fellow sufferers on this topic.

Basically, as a complete (and utter) accident I found out that the root cause of my horrible migraines are, in all likelihood, due a lack of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine.

Norepinephrine is very hard to pronounce, and spell, and now that I come to research it, its no wonder hardly anyone mentions it, because it is a very difficult word.

Nomenclature aside.  There I was steadily improving with my migraines, to the point of not needing pain killers or peppermint pills or even peppermint oil up the nose anymore.

I honestly thought I was home and dry (poor misguided idiot!).  

Then, last November my poor dog got really sick.  He'd been sick in the head for about 3 years, but eventually his neurological problems affected his physical processes.  

The stress of the situation kept mounting and I seemed to be coping quite well.  

I had some simultaneous dental problems, e.g. 3 undiscovered abscesses on a large upper molar which also took up a lot of my time (like going to the dentist to be told my teeth were fine, then going along to the A&E department to also be told there was nothing wrong with me).  It took a dental surgeon's 'surgeon' to tell me 'sorry, I can see from my x-ray of your head that you have indeed suffered quite a lot, haven't you."

I didn't care about my tooth, I was more worried about our dog.  Then the poor thing died.  Then all the guilt and pain of grief poured out.  

Then I had to sort out a badly flooded property, which involved complete gutting.  

Then my plumber said I had to make a decision about my own bathroom as he was busy for the next 6 months.  So after the grief, after the flood, and then after all the dust of 100 tiles being cut in my bedroom, I kind of flipped out.

First I couldn't sleep that well.  Then I became really grouchy.  Then we had some visitors for the holidays.  That's when I started to really zone out.  I don't know how, but I managed to see the visitors off very well, they thanked me for all my kindnesses. 

Then I started to get incredible pain in my knees and elbows.  I did not have polyuria and I did not have sugar cravings or any of the other things that used to signal to me that I was going to get ill.

Then I got a migraine and it went on and on, and on, for 3 long agonising days.  

I tried everything: FeverFew, Ipriflavone, Salt Tonic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Peppermint...blah blah blah.

Plus, I hardly got off the toilet, my bowels were just crazy.

I got so incredibly low, I sat there and convinced myself I was dying of a brain tumour?  In fact my fear took a much more graphic course, I imagined that I had an abscess deep within my brain, that had migrated from my tooth (this can happen, oddly enough) and that I was going to die in my sleep and I would not have the chance to visit Brighton again?

When I got up the next day, the pain all over my head was so bad, I just sat there wondering how long an ambulance would take, considering it was a bank holiday?

Then I started to really think about what happened to me last year, and what made me feel better?

Then I remembered that one of the things I took that helped, but I had stopped taking it, was vitamin B5 in mega doses of 500mg.  As it was the last thing on my list, I remembered that I had noticed before Christmas, that I still had some of those pills left?  So I went upstairs and brought the bottle down.

Now the funny thing was, that I recognised that I was very low and very depressed by that time, but I had continued to take 5-HTP throughout and yet I was still miserable?

I concluded that, whatever was wrong with me, it was not linked to serotonin.  We read so much about serotonin but no one ever mentions its partner in crime: norepinephrine...

Then, as usual, I decided I wanted a divorce there and then (!).  I called my husband downstairs, I said I wanted to speak to him urgently.  While I waited for him to come down, I took one of those huge Pantothenic Acid pills.  

Eventually he came down.  I had my speech prepared, I was worried what I had to say wouldn't come out clearly enough.  After about 20 minutes of speaking to him, I noticed that the pain in my head had subsided but I didn't pay it much attention?

Then I noticed that my speech was cohesive again, quite unlike the emotional outbursts of the preceding 3 weeks.  Then I got up to make a cup of tea and noticed that I could walk around normally and that my body didn't seem like seven drunken louts had beaten me up one week before anymore....

When we concluded our chat, where we inevitably discussed where we would go on holiday this year (of course I didn't want a divorce, but I did want some kind of change.  I have later discovered that this is a 'classic symptom' of norepinephrine insufficiency.)

Well, it turns out that norepinephrine is our most important neurological anti-inflammatory chemical and it protects the brain in times of great stress.  Basically, when we are stressed, our brains are flooded with oxygen due to the vasodilatory effect of dopamine, then norepinephrine comes along and prevents the brain from blowing-up under all that pressure.  

Now most of our body's need for norepinephrine is met by guessed it: The Adrenal Glands.

Well, everyone knows that last year I had adrenal fatigue and that my cortisol levels were so low they were off the scale.  

So it appears focusing on cortisol and serotonin were not ever really going to solve my problems.  And lets not forget all the attention I've given to dear old progesterone and oestrogen.

No readers, my problem all along seems to have been with norepinephrine.

Now there are 3 ways that you can increase norepinephrine naturally, one is increase your vitamin C, the other is to take Ginseng, and the other way is to take PANTOTHENIC ACID aka Vitamin B5.

Pantothenic Acid in fact helps us to make all 3 'inhibitory' neurotransmitters, which are: norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.  

Now you might be thinking, oh, but by taking B5 you probably made more serotonin and that's what really helped you.  No!  Remember, I had been taking 5-HPT every day for more than 2 months to cope with all my stress.  

In this way, I have unequivocally proved to myself that its probably been norepinephrine all along that has caused these darn migraines.

On a quick googling of the phenomenon I can see this is a well established connection, but its not one I had come across on general searches of the causes of migraines.  I'm now reading a book about norepinephrine and will provide links to everything next time. 

(I know I've said that before, but my dog was sick then and things were really difficult - GRHS)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Assault on our Liver that is Menopause

My migraines are virtually a thing of the past, as they've responded really well to Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), 2 teaspoons mixed in a glass of water, taken 3 times a day.  

I had two separate reports in important nutrition books about the correlation between platelet aggregation and migraine attacks.  So I decided I needed to tackle 'blood sludge' and read a book on the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

This natural health tonic is good for man and beast and its dates from before Egyptian times.  It contains among other things, concentrated levels of Malic Acid, which is great at cleaning out your blood vessels by dissolving cholesterol build-up.  It consequently relieves fatigue because you feel refreshed after taking it.  It also reduces gallstones and kidney stones.  The other thing it contains which is especially great for anti-aging is organic sulphur.  This means your liver spots will reduce and the smaller ones will completely disappear!  Organic sulphur used to come to us via food but not that has ended due to the use of petro-chemical fertilisers that contain inorganic sulphur.  Organic sulphur in ACV is highly beneficial to the health of your skin and your complexion improves no end once you start taking it.

Make sure you buy unpasteurized ACV and you can add unpasteurized honey to add to it in a ratio of 1:1.  I'm going to devote an entire post to ACV soon, but first...

So, the migraines are so mild and short now that I don't even have to take Peppermint pills anymore, or indeed any kind of analgesic - yippee!  

I'm not totally certain yet, as my experiments on myself are still continuing, but I think I might have possibly isolated the original cause behind them as being within my kidneys??  

Remember I said ages ago that I learned that "migraines are due to an electrolyte crisis that starts elsewhere in the body, like the liver or kidneys".  

But even though my migraines look like history, I'm still going to continue writing this blog, as I would like to help raise awareness of other important concerns regarding pre and post menopausal hormonal issues, and their detrimental effect on general health.  

And of course, because I'm very interested in turning back the biological clock, as well as avoiding the dreaded humpty-dumpty body shape - which I honestly believe you can! 

From what I have learned this Summer, the primary organ under threat during prolonged Oestrogen dominance, which officially starts to occur after the age of 35, is:


Isn't it funny how when you go along to see your doctor to discuss how dreadful you feel with menopausal symptoms, they don't really know what to say, maybe think you're a bit nuts, and don't seem to understand what on earth you're talking about?  All that registers with them, on a instinctive cultural level, is that you as an older woman, cannot handle the loss of your fertility and are moaning, plus, you should try harder to lose weight.  It doesn't matter how long your list of symptoms is.

Their philosophy is always WAIT AND SEE.

Waiting and seeing to my mind actually means doing nothing until you become a medical statistic.  The increased incidence of heart disease, kidney disease, gallstones, diabetes, thyroid disfunction, adrenal insufficiency and osteoporosis SHOOTS UP during and after menopause.  

Added to which, for about 10 years before menopause, most women to my mind, have visible signs of considerable insulin resistance e.g. they're having constant sugar cravings, yet feel tired all the time and need to pee virtually every half hour.  For women is jobs where they cannot get to the bathroom without having to ask permission and enter the visit it into a book, this has serious consequences.

Its because menopausal symptoms strike at the very core of metabolism itself, that long term imbalances should definitely not be ignored because they can, eventually, lead to all out metabolic syndrome.

If you present to your doctor one Summer with a cascade of menopausal symptoms, then a year later with the clear start of Metabolic Syndrome, that's when Big Pharma suddenly wakes up to what is happening to you.  

It almost seems to me, as if they don't care what happened to you in that (all important) intervening year, because non of your imbalances were corrected, you were just left to develop the more serious symptoms, or as I see it, results of all that waiting and seeing.

Usually by that time, you feel so dreadful, you don't care anymore what they give you, as long as it improves things, one way or another.  Am I right?

Metabolic Syndrome is an awful state to be in.  You thereafter have to take ridiculous amounts of medication, that stack up all over your kitchen, your handbag weighs a ton and is stuffed full, you have to buy special dispensers, you start living on a restricted diet, which means more deficiencies and more mood disturbance and electrolyte crises.    

Even after taking a multitude of pills, your energy does not return and you spend hours waiting for interminable 'scans', then blood and urine tests.  

Your eyes turn yellow, your hair becomes sparse, your abdomen grows huge, your breasts just get bigger and bigger, and your complexion looks like a ghastly paper mask! 

I know, because I've been there!

As your condition further deteriorates and one thing leads to another, you find yourself taking medications that eventually seem to be at loggerheads? You tell your doctors you still don't feel well, so they give you HIGHER doses.  

In the end you see another doctor who tells you your previous doctor was overdosing you, or worse, giving you stuff that conflicts with what he is giving you (this happened to MORE than one friend of mine!).

I've had my friends tell me their mothers consider themselves to be toxic, with all the medications they're taking.

Eventually, you work out that you might even feel worse than when you started out on the pill-popping road??

In other words, you are not 'cured', you are 'managed'.

My attitude to all of this is completely different, I say if there is imbalance (be it from adrenals, kidneys, calcium, etc) then correct it and don't wait until your blood pressure goes up or your glucose levels go out of control.  

In my experience, it takes quite a long time for your menopausal symptoms to turn nasty.  And nasty they will turn if you don't DO SOMETHING about it.  

I will talk more about various symptoms next time, especially those affecting your kidneys, liver and pancreas.  

...Next time you take an early morning flight, just take a look round at your fellow travellers and watch how many medications they're popping....entire carrier bags full!

Metabolic Syndrome is a very serious, devastating condition, and in my opinion, its something you should try with every fibre in your body to avoid!!  

This is no time for somnambulence!  You need to watch your body and maybe keep a diary about strange twinges and discomforts and changing habits, like bowel, bladder and sleep patterns.    

Because what I've learned this Summer, more clearly than ever, is that the health of your liver, kidneys and pancreas is paramount to continued good health and they are the primary targets of the detrimental effect of menopause on metabolism.     

The main things I learned this Summer about the effect that our hormones, (or lack of them), have on our liver, made me decide to takeover the 'health management' of this organ (and clean it out).  They are:

  • reduced methylation due to high levels of prolactin
  • reduced bile output due to the effects of decreased progesterone on the workings of the Sphincter of Oddi

Thereafter my aim was to revitalise its functionality, but the way it started was completely by accident.

Gotta go!