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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Just got back - lots of emails to answer

Hi everyone

I hope you are all continuing to correct nutritional deficiencies and source good minerals and supplements that are vital to health.   

Because let's face it, the supermarket is not going to be able to keep you totally healthy, simply because of the barren soils that food is grown in these days as a result of intensive farming.  

Personally, I have come to realise that food from mainland Spain is very minerally rich still, especially considering they didn't have their industrial revolution until the 1940s.  Spanish Sweet Potatoes for instance, and most other root vegetables, really do taste 'as they should'.  

Whilst I was away, I needed to take only 4 kinds of pills:

Boron (x2 a day)
Vitamin K2 (x2 a day)
Ipriflavone (x2 a day)

On a couple of occasions I took some Milk Thistle, which is brilliant at detoxing your liver, especially if you've had to take sea sickness pills.

My back gave me no trouble whatsoever, which is astonishing, but there it is.

My neck however did give me some trouble, in that of late I realise I can no longer sleep on 2 pillows as I used to for years.  Two pillows now give me neck ache, so I sleep on one and my neck is fine.

I did not drink a single drop of alcohol, in fact I have been alcohol-free for about 3 months!

I still think of alcohol, especially when I'm tired or just plain annoyed about something.  But it passes, especially after I think about what I've achieved on any given day.

An old injury to my right side carotid artery did play me up.  But that was no surprise, because I'm having a hard time with a certain family member and their deteriorating health.  

It very difficult dealing with a confused individual, who also has memory problems, the combination of the two - and they go hand in hand eventually - is very exhausting for carers and suchlike.  

Things are continually misplaced and overlooked and then frustration sets in, the whole deal is very exhausting.

I'm now trying different tactics to cope.  Wish me luck!

But my carotid is still quite sore from all the fuss of trying to prepare for the vacation.  

I've received a lot of emails recently and I hope to respond to them in the next few days.

You all take care of yourselves, you are all valuable people with a unique contribution to make!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Long time no see !

Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here for ages because basically I'm fully well and very fit again after my 18 months of back injury.

My zest for life has returned in such a tingling and exciting way, that I find helping others as much as I can just spreads the zing.

It feels really good to give back some of the good that has come my way, TG!

I would just like to say though, that for most 'common' migraine sufferers out there, please, please don't allow yourself to be convinced by 'others' that your condition is permanent.  

Of course let's never forget there are some very serious reasons for 'certain kinds' of migraine, but assuming those have been ruled out, or just plainly do not apply to your set of symptoms, then in my humble opinion, most migraines are run-of-the-mill allergic reaction to Acetaldehyde, the toxic waste product of fungal overgrowth. 

I look back now and can see my migraines were due first and foremost to:

a.  Enteric Candida - for which I did the standard detox as per protocol found on curezone.  Hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue only made the Candida worse.  In fact, perhaps it was the other way round, who knows, its another chicken and egg situation for sure.  

b.  Then, about a year later I realised there was still 'something in there' that gave me a weird pre-migraine feeling and sometimes nausea and fogginess and the feeling intensified on breathing?

I also noticed that this 'funny feeling' was always worse before a big storm?  Now hold that thought...

Regular readers know me by now, once I'm onto something, I will hack away until I finally get to the bottom of what's going on.  Even if that amateur observational scientist in me has to wait 1-15 years.  I am very patient when it comes to piecing things together and noticing similar symptoms in others.  

So I finally isolated the 'problematic area' as being squarly round my sinuses.  The sinuses are an interesting area of the body, because they act like a kind of inspection chamber for all the gases and internal processes going on in the gut.

A lot of people who suffer migraines will also develop a slight headache, or worse, when they are constipated.  Even if they are not particularly constipated, the fullness of the bowel seems to send a signal right up your head and you feel a kind of sinus headache coming in whilst working out when you can conveniently visit the bathroom.  

The reason the sinuses and the gut are linked in this way is some kind of mucus production signalling process, conveyed by a branch/es of the vagus nerve.  That's also why we experience a throbbing upper eye socket when a full migraine kicks in.  

So I set about detoxing my sinuses.  Knowing very well that conventional medicine will only offer steroid nasal sprays for lifelong use.  I made a conscious decision to get to the root of the problem, once and for all.  

Since thoroughly detoxing my sinuses, I can say, hand on heart, that I have not had the merest suggestion, or even isolated throb from a free-radical migraine.  They are ALL GONE!

I think I'm grateful for that every day of my life and probably will be forever more, because I remember all too well the utter misery extreme migraine can produce.

I'll go one step further by saying, I actually believe my life was on the line with the kind of migraine's I was getting, e.g. if I hadn't done something to stop them, I feel that the blood vessels in my cranium would have ruptured, if not catastrophically, then enough to render me disabled.  That whole side of my head was extremely inflamed and painful to the touch all the time, not just when I had migraines and I believe that I was a sitting duck for a serious vascular event if the situation had been allowed to continue.  

So this post is about how to detox your sinuses from fungal overgrowth, because even after you detox Candida from your intestines, the microorganism is still manifesting in your sinuses, because it travelled up there at some stage during your infestation, from lower down in your gullet, via your saliva, mixed with nasal vapours that all go to make up the mucus at the back of your nose.   


OK, preamble first.  In certain weather conditions and at certain altitudes, migraine sufferers will experience the onset of their symptoms, as brought on by the reduction in OXYGEN levels before a storm and going up a mountain.

Because the biological process is exactly the same, I managed to cross reference them and eventually found medical instructions for how to avoid being made sick, by altitude sickness.

Low and behold, the same cascade of symptoms for altitude sickness applies to barometric migraine onset e.g. LOW LEVELS OF OXYGEN.  

So then you have to ask yourself, why are low levels of oxygen so uncomfortable to a migraine sufferer and bring on migraine?

The simple answer is that your sinuses are infested with fungus and at times of low levels of oxygen, the fungus grows and grows and gives off its toxic metabolic waste product called Acetaldehyde.  

Fungal infestation from the sinus region of your body is very difficult to eradicate, because the sinuses are, um, right up there, you cannot reach them and more importantly they are incredibly dry.  

Keep the 'dry' concept in mind...

So you can do a Sodium Bicarbonate nasal flush, which is fine, I've done that lots of times.  Bit weird at first, but all the liquid comes out, so its all OK.

But the trouble is with a liquid solution, you will NOT be able to access every crevice that is currently harbouring the fungus e.g. Candida.

It's my belief the Candida worked its way up there from your throat.  Not difficult to do, because the area at the back of your nasal passages are the so called 'common parts' of that particular concourse, if you know what I mean?

So, how do you then deal with eradicating fungus from internal dry boney structures, that are impossible to reach???

I didn't have to think about that for long, because basically I just looked up this search thread: "how to eradicate fungus from dry areas".

What you discover is that this is a common problem in  non biological structures e.g. buildings made of concrete and for that type of environment what they use is quite simply: Chlorine Gas.

Now I have to give you all a disclaimer:
The following information is given as general guidance and in no way do I accept responsibility for any harm you may inflict on yourself, for carrying out instructions that I may give, either correctly or incorrectly.  My personal discoveries are shared with you, entirely at your own risk.  Caveat emptor and at owners own risk.  

OK, with that out of the way.

Realise this, under normal circumstances:   Chlorine gas is poisonous - hence it kills fungus - but the solution you use in this situation is very mild (indeed) and meant only as a mild INHALATION solution, with the action of gentle fumes that destroy the fungus, but do not harm your nasal passages.  

In order to remain safe while using this method to eradicate the fungus, you:


Repeat, you do not at any time inhale so much of it that it reaches your lungs, do you comprende?

If you can get your brain round that fundamental distinction, then I will tell you how to do it.  

But before I tell you, I'm going to wait and see what reception just this part of my discussion receives. Because some people will misunderstand me, and I don't want confusion in my readers, if I can help it.

So I'll leave you with this:
The gentle vapours of homemade Chlorine gas will kill the fungus in your sinuses and usually only one application is necessary.

After that you will regain your life and be able to do all the things that you used to do.  You will regain your confidence and find your are FINALLY able to plan for the future without fear.

If you think your life and your health is worth that, then I will eventually tell you how to ERADICATE FUNGUS FROM YOUR SINUSES using a gentle homemade chlorine gas vapour solution, that you inhale into JUST your nose, very gradually, from a very safe distance, 3 or 4 times in a single session that takes about 5 minutes to complete.

P.S.  For those of you that understand 'home science', it will be no surprise to learn that common household cleaning liquids produce chlorine gas, especially when used in combination.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Zika Virus - What Should We Do in The Face of This Threatening Human Tragedy?

OK, so the name comes from the Zika Forest in Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1947.

Its an Arbovirus, which means its been around as long as humans.  Zika Virus is usually transmitted between monkey and arthropod vector e.g. mosquito.  

So this is yet another disease that has entered the human race via the ingestion by unthinking morons in Africa of Bush Meat.  The list is quite long now, you can check it out for yourselves but of course EBOLA is right up there near the top.  

I would just like to say, it makes me totally sick that their excuse for eating bush meat is 'poverty'.  Why not keep chickens or grow vegetables instead?  Why go out and eat our 'cousins' when you know diseases are introduced to humans that way?

During the Siege of Leningrad people were reduced to eating dead family members.  That was extreme, isolated and not to be recommended due to blood brain barrier pathogens (see also ancient funereal cannibalism.)  Basically if you eat the brains etc of family members, you end up with brain disease and death.  This is simply because 'proteins' (basic unit of life) cross over and become abnormal.

What is a virus? - you got it: A PROTEIN.

We are not supposed to eat monkeys, they are too close to us in evolutionary terms, why can't those stupid people get this fact into their heads?

Forget Nuclear Wars for the moment and think: Bush Meat Viruses + Cheap Air Flights = HELL ON EARTH!

If someone wants to write to me and shout me down, do it! Because I'm ready for you.  

If The West was responsible for this kind of spread of disease, there would be a whole different take on this.

Thank Goodness this disease doesn't have anything to do with The Fertile Crescent either.  Because if that happened, can you imagine the state of the planet?

The big question is 'why has this virus suddenly mutated into such a virulent strain?'

In my humble opinion: it was bound to happen because they are evolving, just like us and it was only a matter of time.  

Areas that are densely populated are hot seed beds for such threats.  Considering that's an accurate description  of most of the world now, is it any wonder our future hangs in the balance?

We all know that blood transfusions offer a perfect environment for pathogens to transfer to new hosts. Think Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.  

Its no surprise to me that this has happened, because if you think about it, a mosquito is like a tiny mobile blood transfusion unit, combining various strains of whatever. And furthermore, in warm climates, a blood borne virus can easily be kept warm enough to survive.  

(When AIDS first appeared, I was always worried that mosquitos might spread it person to person .  The thing with AIDS is however, once it cools down from its optimum temperature for survival, it dies, rather like Hepatitis on a toilet seat. )  

Not so with Zika Virus! 

I say, let's try and keep calm, but also let's get to work trying to protect ourselves.

First off:
Viruses just adore a host that is not fully well.  You might think your general run-down physical state is something we all put up with.  But what I've learned is that nutritional deficiencies open the way for pathogens, and lots of them.

The first vital nutrient to consider in our fight against viruses, whether introduced to our bodies by insects, air-borne transfer, skin to skin, or transmitted by exchanging bodily fluids variety, etc. is Vitamin B12.

If you were bitten by a lot of insects last Summer, then you can be pretty well certain you are low on Vitamin B12.

B12 is another of those nutrients that our ancestors ate in abundance as its contained in such huge quantities in organ meats, but we struggle to source it these days, due to modern diets.

Get yourself a bottle of Methylcobalamin, which is the best sort of B12 that's out there, and eat one of those pills daily, under the tongue, tastes of cherry - you wont be bitten by insects again this Summer.

But if you are....then read on.

Let's assume that B12 is not enough to keep Zika Virus away.  Good, because that's precisely how I'm going to proceed with this threat.

Secondly start taking Zinc.  
Zinc is absolutely essential in our fight against ALL viruses, including the common cold, influenza etc.  Since I've been taking zinc daily, I've not had a cold, I kid you not.

This means for about the last 5 years or so I haven't had a cold.  The same goes for my husband.  

(We did catch a very bad chest infection from someone who had been receiving chemotherapy and came out of hospital with the most horrendous cough.  We inadvertently gave this person a lift in our car for 3 hours, with the windows shut while they coughed their guts up.  Exactly 7 days later, my husband and I started coughing violently, but most interestingly, neither of us had any fever and didn't need any medication to get rid of the pathogen.)  

Zinc will deplete Copper if taken over a prolong period, so its best to buy a preparation that combines the two.

Mosquitos hate zinc!  It basically kills them.  So in our fight against Zika Virus, Zinc is right up there as something you need to be taking. 

Zinc also promotes thymic hormone, which is produced by the main organ in your body to help you fight viruses, called the Thymus Gland.  Do not underestimate the essential need to nurture your Thymus Gland!

The next thing you need to address is Vitamin C. 
This vitamin should be taken in its natural form, bound up in a food molecule.  The pills don't cure scurvy, so forget the pills, they won't cut the mustard!  Vitamin C is all but destroyed by cooking.

Vitamin C is involved in several enzymatic chain reactions, mainly because it donates vital electrons.  

Vitamin C is found in high concentrations inside immune cells and its role in cancer prevention is paramount.  Studies on the pill form and cancer prevention are always pessimistic.  However studies with food derived vitamin C always seem to be hushed up.  

Everyone I know that has had cancer, has also been deficient in Vitamin C! 

There's a lot of money to be made with those pills, even though very few people realise Vitamin C pills do not cure scurvy.

Most people remain just above the threshold of Vitamin C deficiency due to their consumption of potatoes.  

Vitamin C increases the body's production of interferon in the face of a viral attack.  It also enhances Phagocyte production, which mops up viruses and other kinds of threats and detritus.  

So there you have it, while they are trying to eradicate the mosquito population (some hope), we can all be doing something to keep ourselves safe.

My heart goes out to the mothers and their poor little babies that have been infected with this dreadful pathogen. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Hello Friends, Readers, Interested Parties and General Health Surfers

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, I've been especially busy with building projects.

As you know, since I got well I've been going like the proverbial clappers to get so many things done.  I would never have defined myself as 'irrepressible' in the past, but now that is exactly how I feel, all the time.  

I ended up renovating a house, then re-designing 2 gardens and now I'm about to start demolishing an office block.  

The feeling I have the whole time is, health is much more than about feeling better, its really more about having the enthusiasm and strength to change your life for the better.  In ways you can never even imagine if you are ill with metabolic dysfunction.

I finally put back into my body what it had been waiting for and my body has Thankfully, repaid me.  

I look back rarely now, as I simply don't have the time, but when I do, I realise I was deficient in so many vital nutrients, for a very long time indeed.

The body is amazing in how it can just 'hang on in there'.

For anyone reading this, as you know, I detoxed acytleadehyde from my body and never looked back.

My migraines ended and my energy and enthusiasm for life returned.

Well, I now find out that acyteladehyde is actually extremely carcinogenic!

When Dr Simoncini reported that in his view 'cancer is a fungus', in my view, it doesn't take a kilo of brains to realise if acyteladehyde is the waste product of Candida and its a carcinogenic toxin, then no wonder Cancer is a fungus.

Both my parents had cancer, both are still alive fortunately, but if I think about their lifestyle and stress profile, then its really no wonder it happened, in a way?

Anyway, back to me.  I no longer worry that I have a brain tumour or that my body is deep down sick, because its not.  

Life is very very precious and there is not a moment to be lost!

OK, so what am I taking now and what bio-hacking am I up to?

In a word Gelatin....but first a little preamble...

To get well, as you recall, I addressed Vitamin K2, Vitamin C (in pure form, never pills), amino acids, calcium, iodine, progesterone, green smoothies, fruit smoothies, oxygenated water, Methylene Blue, Candida etc etc.

Well now I'm going to tell you about the most amazing health drink you will probably ever drink!

I don't think its an exaggeration because when you find out what it does, you WILL start drinking it and you furthermore, you probably won't stop.

The drink is Gelatin Tea.  Its extremely easy to make, you buy it in a powder sachet (or cylinder).

Here is a list of all the stuff it does:

Good source of protein and amino acids (both essential, and
Good source of dietary collagen
Helps improve problems that occur from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
Strengthens bones, joints, fingernails.
Improves skin and hair quality
Can shorten recovery after strenuous exercise and sports-repeated
Great for digestion and liver function
Can improve the appearances of cellulite
Can tighten loose skin
Can aid with weight loss

I started drinking it because I slipped a lumbar disc towards the end of the Summer.  I managed, after 3 whole months to sort it out and find a special manipulation to pop it back into place (Thank you YouTube!), then re-align my pelvis.  

Low and behold, my back is in better condition now than it has been in years??  More about that next time...

So there I was, doing all the exercises to put my back right, then I thought 'look girl, you need to strengthen the protein fibres that make up the spinal disc and there is no better way than with Gelatin'.

Spinal disc tissue is incredibly strong because of all its cross fibres.  In order to make fibres, you need to eat as many amino acids as you can.  

So I started making this Gelatine Tea daily.  (To be drunk before bedtime, as it also aids restful sleep).

Very soon into this new regimen, I started to notice things happening to my body that were rather surprising.  

Like one day I drove for about 7 hours down the motorway, with only one break of about 45 minutes. When I reached my destination to my complete astonishment, I found I wasn't tired or strained in any way? I thought that was noteworthy.

Then I noticed I started to lose weight? I have lost half a stone in one month!

I couldn't understand what was happening because I wasn't cutting down any of my food intake?

That's when I switched to powdered sachets of Gelatin Powder, the type you buy in the baking section of supermarkets.  

Make sure its the type derived from beef bones, unfortunately, it wont work with vegetarian Agar Agar, which is from algae.

I wish it could, but it wont. Vegetarian Agar is made of polysaccharides, whereas Gelatine is made of polypeptides. e.g. the former is from plants and the latter is from bone marrow.

So what I do is make a mug of beef extract e.g. Bovril or suchlike, add a good pinch of sea salt, then add 2 level teaspoons of gelatin powder.

OMG, the weight just falls off! Everyone noticed this happening to me, before I did?

I know that sounds barmy, but because I wasn't dieting, I honestly thought my clothes were just baggy and worn out e.g. trouser waistbands etc.

Then, when I went to see my mother she took me into her kitchen, shut the door and said 'whatever you're having, I want you to write down the name, because I want it too!".

Then I met up with my friend from my old job and she too was totally gob-smacked at my appearance.

And wait for it, MEN ARE NOTICING ME AGAIN??

Can you believe that? I thought to myself, you lot make me sick, you've been letting doors close in my face for the past 10 years and now its all smiles and flirting. MEN REALLY MAKE ME SICK.

I was the same person all the time, now they find me interesting again?? Go to hell!

Seriously, even your face changes when you have gelatin daily. It pulls in the skin around your eyes and mouth so that you look like you've had a chemical face lift?

But the best thing of all is ALL THAT HORRIBLE BELLY FAT that gets left over from having a baby, finally melts away - and it happens at night!

So there you have it folks, a detailed account of the many benefits your health and appearance will undergo if you put into your body the vital nutrient GELATIN.

Now you know me, its not enough to find out something is good for me. I need to understand the science behind it.

Well, its very simple and utterly intriguing.  

OK, so gelatin is really old, I mean we've been eating it since the beginning of time! Wherever you think we come from, fact is, we ate gelatin to get to this point.

So because its so completely tied-up with human nutrition, it turns out that your body starts to do amazing things when you finally give it this vital nutrient.

Basically the message goes from your intestine to your Pituitary Gland in your brain, that Gelatin is in the fuel tank and suddenly your Pituitary Gland orders a huge supply of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to be manufactured.

Turns out that HGH is a 191-amino acid long polypeptide chain. That means to complete the chain, you need the full complement of amino acids that are available only from this ancient found source, gelatine (or bone marrow). 

Is it any wonder that EVERYONE is deficient in gelatine? The list of diseases and health problems that come about as a result of gelatine deficiency is as long as your arm. I think the correlation between the increase in those diseases and the fact that people cease to cook the more ancient cuts of meat, is no mere coincidence.  

Because this fundamental biological pathway is not something you can cheat your body out of.

This Pituitary-Hypothalamus axis is very important to thyroid, adrenals and gender hormone production, but also to Human Growth Hormone.

So what happens is your Pituitary wakes up! I mean really wakes up.

Human Growth Hormone is the most completely fascinating substance.

Apart from all the regeneration it brings about, as described above, it also most notably increases Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

In case you didn't know this, NGF is completely and utterly essential to good brain tissue functioning. In fact I'll go one further, a deficiency of NGF means neurons die. In fact, when they speak about the amyloid plaques in Alzheimers patients brains, they often refer to 'incomplete folding of protein chains'. IMO, is it any wonder there is incomplete folding if there are missing amino acids? You have to ask yourself, what else in your diet can supply a whopping 191 amino acids? Answer is: NOTHING!

So remember people: the NUMBER 1 HEALER of body tissue, everything from bone, ligaments, nerves, organs, digestive tract, the whole effin lot! is GELATIN !
Sorry to sound carried away, but it really is earth shattering.

Happy New Year to everyone!

P.S. Another reason to consume gelatine and therefore naturally push up your HGH status is because as a consequence, you will also make more Natural Killer Factor. NKF is your number one defence against stray cancer cells floating about in your blood, waiting to take hold.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Book on hold while I have the builders round...

Isn't it funny how when you get your health back your life suddenly takes off and you find yourself committed to various exceptional projects that seem to appear from nowhere and build in momentum to the point that you forget what started it all, but you can't stop, and you feel like you're kind of swimming very fast, with zillions of others, in a real human 'race' to the finishing line?  

Obviously the missing thing in my life, up to that point had literally been 'electricity'.

I honestly believe that when you finally sort your health out, you regain the spark that is essential to the formation of all energy, mental and physical.

You can say my metabolism is sorted out now, or working well, hence my electrolytes are all doing what they should, or visa versa?

All I know is that I have had incredible amounts of energy these last 6-7 months and I cannot stop what I'm doing, and nor do I want to?

Years ago, when I was an adrenaline junkie, exertion would leave me jaundiced and bad tempered.

Now when I'm going full pelt my complexion remains healthy and I'm not hindered by pain, either muscular or connective tissue?  I can just keep going...

The main thing that has turbo-boosted everything that I was taking before, in my opinion has been switching to oxygenated drinking water.

I air pump my water for about 3-5 hours and drink it over a 24 hour period.  

I pump enough to not run out.  

I was pumping a couple of glasses before and noticed positive changes, but when I switched to all drinking water being pumped, then things really took off.

I permit myself some alcohol now, which is OK but not what I really want to do.

First you have a drink socially, then you end up having a drink alone.  Then you have a drink because you don't want to be alone and the whole thing spirals?

Its all such a waste of life.

Because I have the energy and strength now to realise my plans, I'm not going to waste it on feeling slightly dizzy and bit giggly, because if I don't feel like that I'm missing out?  Drinking is such a huge con.

Fact is, health is more amazing than any alcoholic drink can ever be.  

To feel that you can actually go on and on, in whatever task you set yourself, be it physical exertion or mental concentration, is better than anything!

AND because you can make sound decisions again, because your pain has ended and you start to really live, instead of just exist...

Its fair to say, I've worked harder this year, physically and mentally, than I have ever worked in my entire life?

And let's not discuss my age!

How can it be that day after day I just churn out all this incredible energy and I don't know where it comes from, but I know its tied up with concentration and good decision-making and just a well organised mind.

To be able to say to myself that my mind is a 'well organised mind' now, is like reaching some kind of Nirvanna, believe me!

All the crap that used to churn around my head, all the doubts and despair are a thing of the past.

I've also come to the view that because I've sorted all my problems nutritionally (except money of course!), this leads me to think that most mental illness is actually nutritional deficiency and possibly nothing more?  Unless there has been really bad experiences that cannot be erased.  

But even those are probably made less of an obstacle if your nutritional profile is optimal?

These are the things that helped me to reclaim my life:

Vitamin C from citrus fruits, freshly squeezed every day has been central to my recovery.
Then after that Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)
Then comes beta glucans from raw green smoothies.
Then fruit smoothies with raw oats (more beta glucans)
Then after that, essential fatty acids: DHA, EPA, omega 6 etc.
Then after that bone broths e.g definitely one a month.
Then after that supplemental calcium and Vitamin E
Then after that Vitamin D3 & K2
Then recently unpastuerised butter.

Time and strength are SO PRECIOUS!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Forthcoming book and cholesterol good news!

Hi Everyone

Sorry it has taken me so long to update on here.

The good news is that I'm hard at work on my little book - a mere 25 pages of life enhancing goodies.  (I was shopping today and saw a contemporary of mine that I hadn't seen in about 23 years!  She did NOT recognise me, ha ha, but I recognised her.  It helped me a lot to see that person again and to establish just how much I had journeyed with regards to my health - or to put it another way - to see how much older she looked than me !!!)

With that in mind, I will be emphasising in the book, how beneficial it is to reduce the ageing process, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but for physical strength, stamina and enthusiasm.  Life is only amazing if you have the energy to jump on the ride.  

Remember ppl, inflammation produces that horrible C-reactive protein that is implicated/responsible for so many quite awful health problems e.g. heart disease.

On the topic of improving my stakes on the heart disease front, part of the green smoothies deal was to lower my cholesterol.

Well, guess what, the nurse at the surgery took a reading about 3 weeks ago, before I went on holiday, and told me it was now an astonishing 3.3 !!!!!!!!

How amazing is that?  I am so pleased that my experiment worked.

Remember: beta glucans have been proven to reduce cholesterol, and ALL plant cellulose is beta glucan.

I'm so excited about this book, which will contain the recipe for both health smoothies that will change people's lives, for sure.

Of course, what about alcoholics and other such hedonistic types who will probably also dip into this type of book, and maybe make the odd green smoothie, as a way of continuing their alcoholic consumption, rather than as a route to recovery?  

I've decided I have to accept that some people want to live exactly as they have been e.g. doing the bad stuff.  However, my view on that is, even if your problem is so bad that you drink a bottle of whiskey a day (not recommended for anyone), I believe even those people can be helped by the odd green smoothie.

It makes you think about that famous footballer who had a liver transplant, just so he could drink again... tut tut.

The trouble with rampant alcohol abuse, is that the pancreas is being killed off, as well as the liver.  The amazing thing about green smoothies tho', is that they help your pancreas in inestimable ways.

So some help, for those that won't be helped, is in my view, better than no help at all??

So very glad my cholesterol came down from 5.8 yo 3.3 in less than 6 months on one glass of green smoothie a day, because I really mean this: NO ONE will ever convince me to take a statin - EVER - so glad I won't ever have to now!